Deimos compact stereo camera 3d



Deimos is a compact stereo camera suitable for close range vision tasks. It features an integrated random pattern projector which enables 3D reconstruction even in dark or featureless scenes. Deimos works both indoors and outdoors.


Deimos is small enough to fit in your hand and is light enough to mount on robotic arms or small autonomous platforms.

Product datasheet link.


Key Features

• WVGA (752x480 px) resolution, at 60 fps

• 60 mm baseline

• USB2/USB3*

• Random pattern illumination

• Global shutter, hardware synchronisation

• Exposure from 10 µs to 1 s

* 60 fps only available using USB3


Why use stereo?

Stereo cameras can produce millions of 3D points per second, at a much lower cost than LIDAR and with no moving parts. Unlike time of flight cameras, stereo works seamlessly indoors and outdoors. Since 3D is reconstructed from images, point clouds automatically capture real-world intensity information.








Because Deimos uses a global shutter and hardware frame synchronisation, there are no problems capturing subjects in motion. Combined with a 60 fps frame rate, and exposure times from to 10 µs to 1s, Deimos makes it easy to capture smooth 3D video in any conditions.


Pattern projector: match more

One of the well-known limitations of stereo imaging is poor performance in featureless or low texture scenes, for example painted walls. Deimos solves this by including an eye-safe pattern projector which provides texture in indoor scenes.


Top: Example scene. Left: No projector. Right: with pattern projector.


We provide demonstration software for image acquisition, stereo camera calibration, stereo matching and 3D reconstruction (point cloud output). The software is open source and will soon be available on our Github.



Deimos is also compatible with standard vision libraries like OpenCV and a ROS driver is available for Linux. C++ code is provided to control the exposure settings on the device (via a USB HID interface).

The software allows you to save calibrated stereo videos and replay them later, for easy experimentation with matching parameters.



Deimos has two brass-threaded M4 mounting points which are compatible with standard optical posts and make it easy to add custom brackets (e.g. 1/4-20 tripod thread). Deimos weighs approximately 110 g.

On request, we can customise the enclosure to suit your needs.