I3DR has developed imaging instrumentation for high-temperature environments.

These instruments use stereo matching algorithms to produce 3D representation of targets for inspection and monitoring ensuring high product quality and quick detection of defects and faults. Our stereo systems provide a tailored solution that give unprecedented levels of resolution and accuracy, even in the most challenging of conditions. Our stereo cameras are protected a in water and air-cooled protective housing capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 2000ºC.

We have developed machine vision systems for monitoring as-cast steel, steel ladles and steel plates during the manufacturing process.

i3DR Steel

As-cast steel surfaces

  • System can acquire data of an entire cast
  • 3D profiling, automatically detects and provides topological mapping of the steel surface
  • Detects and identifies defects as small as 0.1mm
  • Resistant to the harsh hot environment (>1000°C)
  • Non-destructive laser imaging technology
  • Reduces the reliance on as-cast rectification
  • Uses laser-based triangulation and state-of-the-art cameras

Steel Hot Plate Monitoring

  • Enhance the efficiency in steel plate mills
  • 3D surface reconstruction to detect and identify defects
  • Provides dimensional analysis
  • Identifies defects on steel plates at an early stage of the manufacturing process
  • Operates on steel at 500 – 800°C
  • Stereo camera arrangement combined with a laser-triangulation system
  • Mounted in a water-cooled housing with integrated air purge
  • Detect defects as small as 0.125 mm
  • Modular to enable measurement of varying plate widths