Moving into the 4th Industrial Revolution, new innovative technologies are required for Additive Manufacturing (AM) to become a disruptive force within the global manufacturing industry, enabling AM to shift from a prototyping method to mass production of parts and accessories.

Industry 4.0 is the cyber/digital-physical revolution that is gathering momentum. Through digital sensors measuring the physical world and being connected through the Internet of Things, manufacturing capability may be maintained while also being more flexible and offering vastly reduced set-up times.

Being part of the 4.0 revolution, we offer high-resolution 3D stereo vision systems capable of making 3D measurements of objects as small as 10’s µm. As well as producing 3D representations of objects and scenes, we offer a platform for the fusion of data from multiple sensors to form an awareness map.

i3D robotics has been working with The University of Sheffield on a new intelligent vision system for a new welding system targeted initially at the aerospace industry. Our vision systems are able to provide real-time visual information and feedback to enable intelligent control for an automated arc welding system. Through using this information, the welding process may be controlled by adjusting parameters such as arc intensity, distance, and speed to provide full automation that will move the technology towards true replication of manual welding with 24/7 operation in any environment


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