High-resolution stereo vision camera

Stereo vision camera ideal for fast-rate, accurate mapping over wider areas

i3Dr Phobos

Real-time stereo mapping using Phobos

Phobos is a high-resolution stereo vision camera system that uses 5 Megapixel cameras and can operate at 30 fps over a USB3.0 interface. The cameras use a global shutter and are suitable for imaging moving targets.
  • Synchronised data flow from the camera
  • Global Shutter – monochrome
  • Baseline – 300mm
  • Frame rate – 75fps


Phobos is the result of a successful project within Nuclear Decommissioning where a high-resolution solution capable of being mounted on a robot and deployed remotely were key criteria.

It is currently in operation in high value manufacturing, particularly, Steel (as-cast and hot plate), and Glass production. Phobos has been integrated with machine learning for in-process defect recognition and identification. Early identification of defects allows for product reform prior to cooling, saving waste, reducing energy consumption, and reducing carbon emissions.

Key benefits:

  • Designed for harsh and industrial environments
  • Global shutter provides artifact-free images in movement
  • Global shutter enables accurate stereo synchronisation
  • Can be integrated with other sensors
  • Can be mounted on a robot
  • Customisable design and applications
  • Deep learning applications such as object detection & recognition, defect detection & recognition

A software toolkit is provided to allow users to re-calibrate the cameras, acquire and match stereo imagery, and view/output 3D point clouds using i3Dr’s state-of-the-art stereo matching algorithms. The instrument is compatible fully with OpenCV and ROS.

General information

Feature Detail
Interface USB3.0
Camera resolution (px) 2,448×2,048 (5 MP)
Pixel Size  3.45 µm x 3.45 µm
Bit depth Monochrome 8/12-bit
Sensor (x 2) Sony IMX250LLR
Framerate 30 fps
Focal length 8 mm
Focus 0.8 m to 1.25m*
Shutter type Global
Synchronisation Hardware triggered
Exposure range 20 µs to 4 s
Software compatibility Windows 7+, Linux (inc Rasp. Pi). UVC compliant, OpenCV compatible, ROS

Available as:

  • Phobos Standard System – for non-harsh environments
  • Phobos Industrial System – for high temperature environments
  • Phobos Nuclear System – for radiative environments

* The Phobos stereo systems are factory-focused for an optimum measurement at 1m. Please contact us if you require a different measurement range as the focus range may be adjusted.


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