i3Dr is developing a flexible awareness map that will be a true representation of a scene or environment creating perception for robotic and autonomous systems (RAS). This is achieved through the fusion of data from 3D vision cameras and a wide range of sensors, providing the RAS with critical information. Through describing the real, physical world, the RAS are able to make informed decisions, as well as responding to unexpected events using artificial intelligence and deep-learning techniques. i3Dr’s vision systems are an enabling technology for RAS products, services and processes and can be used in a wide range of RAS application areas including high temperature manufacturing environments, nuclear decommissioning and service robots. Sensors which may be fused with the 3D models include spectrometers, colour cameras and hygrometers.

The following images show the integration of i3D robotic’s Deimos system with the Smart Grasping System (SGS) from the Shadow Robot System.