2nd May 2017

I3dr has joined the Additive Manufacturing – Special Interest Group.

I3dr has joined this group as it represents a potentially fast growing market for our intelligent vision systems. Additive manufacturing is predicted to be a significant growth area with the potential to completely re-define manufacturing.  Our initial interest is in areas of pre-fabricated buildings for housing and car-part manufacturing using energy directed deposition

Additive manufacturing (AM) can refer to the process of joining materials to make objects from digital 3D model or design data, which is used to build-up a component – usually layer-upon-layer – and includes a range of techniques such as additive or freeform fabrication.

Innovative technology is required for AM to become a highly disruptive force within the global manufacturing industry enabling a shift from prototyping to mass production of parts and accessories.

I3dr is working with partners to integrate robot manipulators with 3D vision systems to locate and pick up specific objects and hold them in place while a separate arm provides a fusion welding arc to join the components together by completing the weld.

We are developing an innovative, free-form fusion welding unit that will capable of new product fabrication or assembly using digital information supplied from a range of sources such as computer-aided-design or real-time data supplied by advanced digital inspection. The production technologies will locate and grasp the required parts, hold them in place enabling them to be welded together through a layered welding approach.

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